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Inter Paint Rollers

High quality and reliable roller supply

Smooth Surface Rollers

It is recommended to use low-lint fabric on smooth surfaces. Our solutions for smooth surfaces: Nylon 11mm, Microfiber 9mm, Polyamide 12mm.

Semi Rough Rollers

It is recommended to use medium-lint fabric on semi-rough surfaces. Our solutions for semi-rough surfaces: Micromix 16mm.

Rough Rollers

It is recommended to use high-lint fabric on rough surfaces. Our solutions for rough surfaces: Acrylic 18mm, Polyamide 20mm.


About Us

We are a roller manufacturer established in 2013 with 50% foreign partners. Our company has imported automatic and semi-automatic machinery and has selected them in accordance with the European production methods. Our partner Jörn Unruh is the 2nd generation owner of Hansa Farbroller in Germany. Hansa Farbroller is a well-established company that dominates the European roller industry, founded in 1970. Jörn Unruh has transferred all his knowledge to production in Istanbul.

Our company has a production capacity of 10,000 rollers per day and can produce all kinds of indoor, outdoor, flat surface, rough surface rollers used in Europe to the desired size and diameter and color.

Our initial goal was to achieve a quality above the quality of the largest companies in terms of supplying rolls in Europe. We have achieved this quality in the last 7 years.

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Our Vision

Founded in 2013, we have always prioritized high quality. We export 100% of the paint rolls we produce to European countries. We're constantly renewing ourselves because we know that as we renew ourselves, we can grow. We know that every goal is achievable. We continue to produce and export qualified products for our country meticulously.

Sibel Aksoy
Inter Paint Rollers